Zachary Ian McPeck
03/13/1986 - 10/19/2008
A Celebration of Life
Saturday, November 15 -- 1:00pm

Home Page Updated March, 2015
3/13/15 (Friday the 13th)

Every year since Zach died we have put a memorial message in the newspaper on Zach's birthday. This year we decided instead to start updating Zach's web site again. 

It's been seven years without you and so much has happened, and we still miss you like hell.  Happy 29th Birthday, son.

...And I'm 57 but I could be 7 years old,
Cos I will never be able
to comprehend the expansiveness
of what I've just learned

But you, have disappeared
You have been released
You are flecks of light
You are missed

Somewhere, spinning round the sun
Circling the moon
Traveling through time
You are missed

Lyrics from "Copenhagen"  © Lucinda Williams


Celebration of Life Service Information

Saturday, November 15 at 1:00pm

Valley Real Life – Hepton Point

1831 S. Barker Rd., Greenacres, WA 99016



See the full details on the Story page or on Zach’s Forum at


NEW:  11/07/08
I got a new tattoo yesterday.  Zach and I had planned to get one together but we never got around to it.  Wish I would have gotten one with him instead of for him.  This is a way for me to introduce my son to people.

Dad's New Tattoo - 11/06/08
Dads New Tat - 110608


·       One of Zach's friends has created a Zach McPeck Tribute group page on MySpace at  There are some funny and touching stories there.  (Thanks, everyone.)  Most require an account to read but I'll copy them to the forum later.

·       I am posting some new photos of Zach.  These were scanned from photos that Zach had.  Some are old so don't laugh too much.

·       Thanks to everyone posting on Zach's Forum.  Anyone can read the posts but if you want to participate (and we hope you will) you have to join.  If you are having trouble with signing up, email me and I'll explain it.  Log on to post your stories, thoughts, questions, etc.  Please?

·       The Links and Contacts page will be updated soon with charities that you can donate to in Zach's name.


·       Look at the Story page.  This is probably the first thing Zach would like you to know about him.  We'll tell you more soon.

·       I posted a few photos of Zach.

·       Zach's Forum is up.  Log on to post your stories, thoughts, questions, etc.  Please?

·       The Links and Contacts page will have links to charities that you can donate to in Zach's name.

·       Use the email address on the Contacts page to send me pictures or information that you don't want to post on the forum.

Zachary - 01/01/08This site is being created by Zach's family as a way to celebrate and honor a young man that was loved so much by so many people.  Over time we hope to gather pictures and stories from everyone that knew Zach to add to our own.

Please share with us and with others.  See the Contacts page for ways to find us.



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